lily pond lane iphone case

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lily pond lane iphone case

lily pond lane iphone case

The mobile browser now supports adding RSS feeds directly to My Yahoo or Google Reader, although that's going to have to change soon as Google Reader is shutting down July 1. You can add a feed to your RSS reader by long-pressing on the location bar when visiting a site. Firefox for desktops' Switch to Tab feature is now available in the beta, too, so you don't have to open duplicate tabs to get to one that's already open. You can also change the default search engine provider in the mobile browser by going to the add-ons manager and long-pressing on an installed search engine.

Samsung, LG and others may just be getting started, as many tech companies lily pond lane iphone case hope to create foldable and bendable smartphones in the future using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology built on plastic instead of glass, Further down the road, Samsung hopes to create stretchable displays that might render tablets or projector screens obsolete, Beyond invigorating a market in need of innovation, foldable displays could potentially drive smartphone sales growth, which has slowed to the single digits in most developed countries, according to researcher IDC, These displays might also give firms including Samsung and LG an advantage against Chinese handset makers, which have been growing quickly selling cheaper phones, but may lack the capability to quickly follow on such an innovation..

As with the TV, it's unclear what the potential is for smartwatch apps and app stores. Perhaps the most mature retail effort, the Pebble store, includes variations on things Apple could or would likely build in -- calendars, watch faces, remotes (integrated with the HomeKit smart-home software due with iOS 8). Google's new Android Wear has brought the power of a rich app ecosystem to a smartwatch, but so far the apps have focused on extensions to Google Now, with perhaps a few extensions to the smartphone apps with which they are distributed.

This was not part lily pond lane iphone case of an altered strategy discussed yesterday by the company, however, In the aftermath of the sales shortfall, 3Com executives articulated a slightly new focus targeted at six businesses: handheld computers, telephony products, broadband access devices, home networking systems, wireless hardware, and storage area networks, Those niches, 3Com executives said, will complement the company's current thrust into corporate networking--a come-from-behind play that could reap rewards for the firm going forward, But for some, 3Com's confusing array of technologies could hamper its overall focus..

Send to Car: With this feature, you can send an address from your computer's Web browser or Microsoft Outlook, eliminating the need to manually enter addresses on the device. In addition to these functions, you get all the standard navigation features, such as turn-by-turn andtext- and voice-guided directions (no text-to-speech functionality in the first iteration), and as a bonus, all map and POI updates are done automatically and over the air, so you don't have to do a thing. It all sounds cool, right? We think so, too, but until we see a live demo or try it out ourselves, we're a bit cautious with our optimism. Plus, it sounds like the traffic info relies heavily on the fact that there will be a number of other Dash drivers out there. (But what if there isn't?).


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