mini sticker sheet - ballet shoes, dance calss - planner stickers

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mini sticker sheet - ballet shoes, dance calss - planner stickers

mini sticker sheet - ballet shoes, dance calss - planner stickers

A band that’s causing quite a buzz this season is Hapa, a duo who will play Hawaiian music on July 20. “Their guitar work is brilliant,” MIP chairwoman Teri Hope said. Hope is also president of Los Gatos Music & Arts, the nonprofit organization that sponsors MIP and the Jazz on the Plazz concerts. Los Gatos Music & Arts chairman Jonathan Knowles says Hapa’s music “reaches beyond Hawaii, encompassing sounds from throughout the South Pacific. I’ve had people from all over come up to me and say, ‘Wow! You got Hapa.’ People are so excited.”.

For inquiries, call Ellen Barton, active transportation coordinator in the San Mateo Office of Sustainability, at 650-599-1420 or email:, mini sticker sheet - ballet shoes, dance calss - planner stickers “We have partial funding from our 2015 St, Patrick’s Day luncheon “Fund the Need” (this year’s event will be March 15) as well as from a few foundations and companies, but we are still short about $6,000,” wrote Executive Director Susan Brissenden-Smith in an email, “A gift from the public can help us bridge the gap, To donate, make check payable to DCPLA and mail to: Daly City Public Library Associates, P.O, Box 3283, Daly City, Calif., 94015 or go to and give via PayPal.” The Daly City Public Library Associates hopes to be able to present a total of $17,500 to the City of Daly City in February so the digital media equipment may be purchased and ready prior to the launch of the summer learning programs at the libraries..

Even before Shawn takes the stage, the audience is drawn into her world, thanks to Kelly Tighe’s multilevel set festooned with appropriate props, including a large, treelike sculpture made from type-written pages and a Selectric typewriter. In the pre-computer age, this brand with its signature round typing ball was a favorite. Sound designer Jeff Collister spent a bit of time on eBay searching for the timeless LPs that put you smack dab in the middle of the 1970s. Well-directed by Shawn’s husband and Center Rep’s managing director, Scott Denison, “The Lady With all the Answers” continues through May 15.

Patrice Rice won the costume contest in which dozens showed off their blond wigs, dirndl and leiderhosen, Food in the German tradition — bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato salad, chicken sandwiches with German red cabbage and chocolate cake kept everyone well fed, Souvenir beer steins were given away, as well, Margaret Fitzpatrick won the big drawing sponsored by Terra Nova Car Show and many more silent auction prizes and raffle prizes were won, Proceeds from the event will benefit the Linda mini sticker sheet - ballet shoes, dance calss - planner stickers O’Brien Memorial Fund at St, Peter’s Church, Additionally, this event affords the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce the opportunity to continue addressing the core needs of its membership and marketing Pacifica as a tourist destination..

However, experts believe it is the water content in melons that is the biggest attraction. Cats originated in desert climates and developed the ability to extract most if not all of their water needs through the food that they eat. That’s why cats fed canned food might not drink much from their water bowls, while cats on a dry food diet need supplemental water. The melons are full of water and help sate their thirst. DEAR JOAN: My rescue dog, Matilda, loves peanuts, but only those in their shell. She cracks the shell and then somehow removes the peanut skin before eating the nut.


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